Wired Figurines


I have been deeply engaged in wire art. My wire art has revealed many of the potential uses of wire.


I have been making animal body shapes, cartoon character shapes, popular logos, emoticons, figures of my own pencil drawings. I can make wire art sculptures from the size of 3 cm by 3 cm to all the way the size of a basketball. I can make art in the shape of a dog, monkey, cow, pig, chicken, rhino, horse, fish, whale, tree, flower, ape, cat, etc.


If you are interested in my art, I do have an etsy store. The link is at https://www.etsy.com/shop/mysticchachacha

Or if you wish to contact me directly, feel free to visit my instagram profile at http://www.instagram.com/mysticchacha or call me at 1-805-529-2749

I have also been making pendants. Wired pendants, etc. So my art can be worn as a jewelry.

I hope to see you guys on my etsy webpage. I put a few parts of my good art there. www.etsy.com/shop/MysticChaChaCha
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