15 minute Online Tutoring session Free.

Send me a text at (805)-267-6122 or email at alancc@gmail.com

Online tutoring will need a video chat program such as google chrome browser, skype, etc. I can screen share my blackboard and carry lessons out.

Please view my recommendation letters for math tutoring. https://mysticchacha.wordpress.com/my-recommendation-letters/

Experienced math tutor helping people since year 2000. $24 per hour prorated when I tutor in person. If I have to travel out of town, I have to add a travel fee. I have tutored since year 2000. I graduated from CSU Northridge with a Bachelor’s Degree in Math. I provide lessons and help with middle school, high school and college level math. References about my tutoring can be provided. There are more things interesting in math beyond school. Hopefully you guys would be able to see connections with the math in the textbook and in our daily lives. When we are looking at the stock market, finances, construction projects, artwork, cooking, home fixtures, etc. the math we know in school can be applied. For online tutoring, we can use a Skype chat program or Google chat. Through that program, I can share my desktop screen and carry out a lesson or work out math problems with you. My online tutoring rate will be $20 per hour prorated. Math Graduate. CSUN Bachelor of Science Degree in Math Graduate of 2007. I was also a UCI student. Tutoring students from middle school, high school and college since year 2000. Professional References available.

I tutor: algebra I, II

  • geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Pre-calculus

  • College Algebra

  • Introductory Statistics

  • Calculus

  • MultiVariable Calculus

  • Linear Algebra

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

If you are interested in my tutoring help, feel free to send me an email at alancc@gmail.com Or you can send me a message through my instagram, facebook, etc. accounts. Or call or TEXT me at (805)-267-6122
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