Neon Signs

Neon Glow Signs or Neon Glow Arts.

I will add newly created wire-glow art here! 🙂
I made cool cat neon light sign

Pi sign in celebration of PI day

      For a long time, wire art has been around since the Egyptians and with Alexander Calder. In the ancient times when wire fences were created. Eventually that will all change with new applications. I think wire art is evolving. The old things I did with wire figures and art are taking different directions.

    I attach pictures of my glowing wire art. There are many applications to this kind of art. I can guess for home decor, or even advertisement. Perhaps local businesses would be interested in the signs that I can make for them.

Here is my new collection of neon signs updated as of January 5, 2020.

There are many kinds of signs people want. Perhaps words, quotes, and wise sayings.

If you would like to purchase my neon glow art,
you can contact me directly at, or text (805)-267-6122.
Or you can visit my eBay ad at

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