Staying back at home

What are you guys doing during the height of more coronavirus infections? I am thinking of creative ideas in areas of daily life. Whether it is about fixing up worn out hose nossles, or fixing the fences, there are a lot of chores each day. Hopefully I can make some puzzles for you guys to mull on.

Stock Picks for December 2019.

My current stock picks for the MONTH of December 2019 are:

BMY (Bristol-Myers Squibb)

IRMD (Iradi-Med Corporation)

AMRN (Amarin Corporation)

JNJ (Johnson and Johnson)

AZN (AstraZeneca )

NRP (National Resource Partners)

ZYXI (Zynex Medical )

I will updated this stock list each month. At the moment you can do your own research on these stocks to find out if they are a good fit. If you look at the stocks I picked, they are all growing and have a lot of revenue.

More info on my thoughts on the investments can be seen here :

Daily remedies

There are times that I prefer some products over others. Especially health products. You know how I do a lot of artwork with my hands and sit with a hunched posture? This activity can get tiring on my muscles and I get cramped. I usually use a product called Salonpas. What is Salonpas? They are pads that provide pain relief. All you do is take a Salonpas pad from a box and place the sticky part onto your skin where you feel pain. When you leave it on for a few hours it does its magic.

I have some Salopas pads that I am selling on my eBay listing. Here it is:

Stock Watch on 11/25/2019

A few bullish stocks today were Zynex Medical (ZYXI) and Pfizer (PFE). I wanted to take note an interesting chart pattern that both Zynex and Pfizer did share at some point. A sudden spike on 11/15/2019 when Pfizer jumped from $36.76 to $37.47, during a downtrending period. This same sudden spike was observed in Zynex today 11/25/2019 when Zynex jumped from a low of $8.88 to $10.72. Both stocks exhibit “cup and handle” patterns. They also have great financial fundamentals. I believe Zynex will continue an uptrend throughout this week. So, keep your eyes open. I attach an image of what I am talking about.