My stock investing insight.

WHAT IS A GOOD STOCK One that has a good price variation or solid return on investments. I will describe a good stock in my opinion.

A good stock, in my opinion, is one that has a good financial record. A good stock has the following qualities: 
  • a positive EPS (Earning Per Share),
  • a positive Earnings Per Share Growth,
  • a ROE (Return On Equity) > 5%
  • Profit margins > 20%
  • a decent amount of free cash flow
  • low debt to equity ratio
  • good credit
  • a payout ratio < 70%
  • a price to book ratio less than 10
  • a nice daily trading volume.
  • dividend payouts
  • … etc.

My current stock picks for the MONTH of December 2019 are: :

  • BMY (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
  • IRMD (Iradi-Med Corporation)
  • AMRN (Amarin Corporation)
  • JNJ (Johnson and Johnson)
  • AZN (AstraZeneca )
  • NRP (National Resource Partners)
  • ZYXI (Zynex Medical )
I will updated this stock list each month. At the moment you can do your own research on these stocks to find out if they are a good fit. If you look at the stocks I picked, they are all growing and have a lot of revenue.

Here are my reviews on 2020-first-quarter-stocks 2020-first-quarter-stocks

Here I would like to point out the factors that influence me to buy a stock.

  • Price position.
  • Number of shares bought at those price positions.
  • Type of stock.
  • During what event of the stock (news, company merger, stock split, dividend payout, etc)
  • Popularity of the company.
  • Popularity of the company products.

Link to my bullish chart patterns:

Bullish Stock Chart Patterns to Observe

If you guys have your own thoughts on investing ideas, feel free to reach out to me and let me know.
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