Some Dancin.


I used to be a break dancer for party events and a dance teacher.  I did not get as far as I wanted with the dancing.  Though I am still willing to be a dance tutor. …

When I entertain at a party, I used to dress up as an Indian Party King for holiday events! Whether the event was for a company party, wedding party, birthday party, etc.


I also taught some hip hop to all levels throughout the party or event. I was teaching
the moonwalk, side glide, gliding moves, break dancing moves such as ‘can
opener’, etc.

I organized my moves in The Break Dance performance with the following moves:
* moonwalk (forward, backward, sideways, circular)
* sideways glide
* circle moonwalk
* Walk in place
* Swipe kicking rotation
* forward glide
* smooth torso shifting.
* Cat-daddy
* can-opener
* fox trot
* waltz



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