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Invitation to join Tsu.Hey, come join me at Tsu, the social that pays! Tell them @Mysticchacha sent you https://invite.tsu.social/Q3CU You will have to download the TSU app from the app store. Once you do that, then you can click on my link. Thanks.
Perhaps you want to earn a few bucks from time to time. There is a website called www.inboxdollars.com where you earn a few cents a day for playing games, watching videos, etc. https://www.inboxdollars.com?rb=85149052&ref_src=link REWARDS INCENTIVE ! * If you purchase or sign up for one of my advertised items, I can give you a gift of your choice or return a favor. I list the gifts here. Gift:
  1. Tea Set
  2. Stickers
  3. Pi ornament
  4. Flower seeds and plant seeds
  5. Small Succulent cuttings and flower seeds
  6. <!--li> Dried fruit </li-->
  7. A service where I follow and like your posts, feature you in my instagram story or post. Or some sort of reasonable service.
Send me a message at http://www.instagram.com/MysticChaCha
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